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Children are some of my favorite people to meet!

As a child, I always loved getting to meet authors and other creators. (I still remember getting to meet the woman who voiced Ariel!) It was the one thing that helped encourage me to pursue my own creative endeavors.

Now, I'd love to offer that same encouragement and insight through my own author visits. These are the different opportunities I offer:

  • Pre-K to Kindergarten - 15min to 30min session, including more about the author and a story reading.
  • 1st-3rd Grade - 30min-1hr session on the basics of storytelling, plus a book reading.
  • 4th-6th Grade - 1hr session on how to write a book and what makes a good story.
  • Middle School & High School - 1hr session on being successful as a creative. We'll look at how to use creativity as a career in today's world.

Children are our future and it should be our goal as adults to inspire them to dream big and believe anything is possible if they work hard. I also believe it's important for them to see that you don't have to make millions of dollars to be happy. Rather, that their happiness starts by being true to themselves and following what they love to do.

Since today's environment is very different, I've converted a lot of my visits into live Zoom sessions. Fill out the contact form below to learn about availability and cost for these talks. Look forward to learning more about your class!

What other's have to say

“I was extremely impressed by Ms. Van Sickle’s author visit and lesson with my 4th grade class on Zoom! She kept my 4th graders well engaged and participating during her lesson. Students enjoyed listening to Ms. Van Sickle explain the writing process for one of her books from beginning to end. My class loved the Q & A at the end of the lesson when they were able to ask Ms. Van Sickle questions about being an author. After the author visit, student were eagerly asking when she would visit again! I would highly recommend to schools that Ms. Van Sickle visit your class!”

Lydia Chronos - 4th Grade teacher in La Grange, IL

TreeHouse Growing and Learning Center

"Her positivity and can-do attitude pair well with her skill set to provide an awesome experience. I appreciate her initiative and thorough communication. She always welcomes you with a smile and has a bright future ahead of her."

Jeff Palmersheim

"When Brooke came to visit, she blended right in with us. Before even being introduced, she sat down with the kids and began to read with them. It was wonderful timing, as we were doing our independent reading time. I was impressed that she was able to keep so many kids engaged and focused on her. She did a wonderful job and I would recommend her to anyone!"

Katie Swick

TreeHouse Growing and Learning Center

"We loved having you! The book is fantastic and the kiddos haven't stopped talking about you. A few are even excited to write their own story! Thanks again!"

Holly Clifton-Brown

Goddard School of Waukee

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