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Are you hosting a writing event? I'd love to be there.

Since I founded Journey to KidLit in 2019, I've connected with thousands of writers every month that tell me the same thing -- "I have a children's book I want to publish, but I don't know how to do it." So I've made it my mission to help make their dream a reality.

I offer a variety of topics to speak about and multiple formats for each. At your event, I can talk about any of these categories:

  • Writing a Children's Book -- Taught as an intensive about every step to write a complete children's book.
  • Self-Publishing Your Children's Book -- Taught as either an intensive or a breakout session/webinar. This can be either a basic overview or deep dive into how to self-publish a children's book. (And do it well!)
  • Marketing Your Children's Book -- This is actually my favorite topic to talk about. I offer a number of different breakout sessions/webinars to choose from, as well as, intensives to help you plan out your complete marketing plan before your book comes out.

I've been in the children's book writing world since 2014 and have made it my mission to learn as much as possible about the children's book industry. Including, founding my own publishing house at the end of 2019, which has already produced award-winning books like Pirates Stuck at "C".

The topic I'm most passionate about, however, is marketing. I've been a digital marketer since 2011 and have watched the landscape and algorithms change yearly. What used to work for people 5-years ago doesn't work the same as it does today. I know it's one of the hardest hurdles to overcome as an author, so I want to help share as much of my knowledge with other writers as possible.

Since today's environment is very different, I've converted a lot of my talks into live webinars. Fill out the contact form below to learn about availability and cost for these sessions. Look forward to learning more about your event!

What other's have to say

"Thanks for your super helpful resources and sharing your writing and publishing journey. I’ve found the topics you cover really insightful and relatable."

Marie Holdaway

TreeHouse Growing and Learning Center

"I wish there were so many more writers like you in the world. The work you’re doing with KidLit is truly inspiring! Your teachings put so many things into perspective for first-time writers and just when I get demotivated, I get a new pop up email from you & I already feel encouraged to continue developing a beautiful story. Thank you again for what you do for young readers."

Tshwanelo Serumola

"Brooke is knowledgeable about writing, editing, and publishing. She knows HOW to teach, (as not everyone can teach). Brooke presents numerous examples for clarity, that I found especially helpful. Above and beyond all this, Brooke is personable and approachable. As her student, I absolutely know she wants me to feel success as a Picture Book writer."

Roseann Schwartz

TreeHouse Growing and Learning Center
"Brooke’s knowledge as a marketer and strategist is something everyone would 100% benefit from. Her eagerness to help plan, strategize, and come up with ideas has been a huge success for our business. Not only are her marketing skills impressive, but her personality and ability to build strong relationships with her team and clients are something we admire."

Reed Shepherd

TreeHouse Growing and Learning Center

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