Pirates Stuck at "C" sets Sail!

February 25, 2020

It's official! My first picture book, PIRATES STUCK AT "C", has made its debut! Now, people everywhere can read about the zany pirate crew that's on the search for treasure. (But who isn't all that good at finding it.)

About the book:

Children will be able to learn the difference in capital and lowercase letter in this interactive alphabet picture book. Pirates Stuck at "C" is an alphabet adventure about Captain Scallywag and his zany pirate crew on the search for treasure. However, as they set on their search, they're running into all sorts of bad luck. Frank's swimming with fish, Jughead has a jellyfish sting, and Uri can only find urchins lurking about. If they're ever going to find the treasure they've hoped for, they're going to need your help.

The book is available everywhere. However, order through the publisher's website to receive a signed author copy. Get your own book here.

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