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February 2020

Pirates Stuck at "C"

An Alphabet Adventure

Don’t ask a pirate to sing you the alphabet.

If you do, they’ll tell you it’s “I, I, R, and 7 Cs”.

That’s the reason Pirates are always stuck at ‘C’. But fear not landlubbers and fellow pirates. Gather round this book and we’ll help you sort out your letters in this interactive adventure.

Captain Scallywag has sailed his ship onto the shore of what he believes will be the perfect place for a treasure hunt. Except his crew isn’t having much luck - Daryll is caught in deep waters, Killian is tangled in kelp, and Ollie has an octopus on his head. Captain Scallywag is going to need your help if he’s ever going to find his treasure.

Pirates Stuck at ‘C’ is a picture book that helps kids learn their alphabet and if they don’t, then we’ll make them walk the plank. Just kidding! Even if you want to play Captain Hooky on the whole letter learning, you’ll still enjoy a good treasure hunt.

For fans of Jake the Pirate and P is Pterodactyl. This alphabet adventure book on the high seas will have you laughing-out-loud so much, you’ll want to read this adventure again and again.
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