A Guide for Every Adventure.

Children's Book Author Brooke Van Sickle

Pirates Stuck at "C"

Classroom Guide

Grade Level: Pre-K through 2nd Grade

The perfect companion to PIRATES STUCK AT "C"! The teacher's guide has activities for grades Pre-K to 2nd grade that aligns with the common core for every subject.

After reading PIRATES STUCK AT "C" to your students, use the teacher's guide to incorporate the story in your classroom.
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Pirates Stuck at "C"

Build A Story Worksheet

Grade Level: 1st and 2nd Grade

Everyone can be an author! The Build-A-Story worksheet is the perfect guide to help your 1st and 2nd grade students learn the components that make up a story. (Also, the resource I use on my classroom visits!)

If you're looking for a great, free resource to help your students learn how to write their own stories, use this free worksheet.
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Pirates Stuck at "C"

Treasure Trove Worksheet

Grade Level: Pre-K and Kindergarten

What did you find in your treasure chest? Now that Captain Scallywag and his crew have discovered their treasure, it's up to you to decide what they found. Great for Pre-K and Kindergarten students to practice their writing skills. (And what I use on my classroom visits!)

Use this worksheet in your Pre-K and Kindergarten classroom for your next writing activity.
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